Domain Pools is thorough in its quotation process, making sure that your budget is adhered to and giving you the best possible advice in relation to the many aspects that need to be addressed with swimming pool building.
Where many others feel the need to skimp on details and entice the buyer into signing “the deal of a lifetime”, our concern is to give our clients the best possible advice, so that you spend your money wisely.
What do you get for your money? 


This pricing guide attempts to give you an idea of the approximate cost of a pool. While there is no reliable method to quote a pool over the internet due to the hundreds of options that exist when designing your pool, including all the site particulars that can vary greatly with each individual site, we can categorise pricing into 3 broad price ranges for residential pools:

Pool Company Sydney, Sydney concrete pools
$70,000 to $80,000


This is the starting price range. Assuming a flat level site with good access for machinery, pools from 6 metres to 9 metres long, with basic filtration & associated equipment, pebble interiors, waterline tiles, adequate lighting, all insurances, site costs, removal of excavated soil and solar heating.

Pool builder, pool designers, building a pool
$80,000 to $100,000


This price range would include all of the above items, plus 2 or 3 of the following extras: Pools over 9 metres long, Feature walls with waterfalls, Glass pebble & Quartz Interiors, pool automation, pressure side pool cleaners, In-floor cleaning systems, Negative edges, incorporated spas, Gas heaters, Heat pumps and above ground pool construction.

Pool builder Dural, Pool builder Castle Hill, Pool builder Kellyville
$100,000 to $150,000


This price range would include most of the items from the previous two plus items such as Wet Deck pool surrounds, Motorised pool covers, Glass widows and walls, coupled with extremely difficult to access steeply sloped sites.


The above prices have not included the following common items which are generally excluded from quotations by swimming pool builders but need to be accounted for somewhere in the building process. In other words, money has to be set aside to pay for the following items IN ADDITION to a swimming pool builders quotation to you:


  • Council, Private certifier, and Sydney Water approval fee’s.

  • Electrical installations.

  • Pool fencing.

  • Landscaping including retaining walls, gardens, pool surrounds drainage systems etc.

  • Diversion of existing services.

  • Excavation of rock.

Why do pool quotes vary so much?

The above extras can vary greatly depending on the particular site concerned. Choices made, can affect overall price. For example installing a fully frameless glass fence might cost $10,000, while a standard metal fence would cost about $2000.

An average pool could easily cost about $5,000 to $12,000 in extras ABOVE YOUR CONTRACT PRICE. Money has to be allowed for this.

So what will the finished pool end up costing me?

In conclusion to all the above figures, it can be seen that pool prices start from about $50,000 for a very basic small pool to well over $100,000 at the upper end of the market, once fully completed.